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era5cli specifics

era5cli code structure

The typical flow of a CLI call through era5cli is as follows:

  1. The call is parsed by the argparser in, leading to an argparse.Namespace
    • the specific subparsers and arguments are defined in args/*.py
  2. If the command is info or config, those specific routines are called, and the program ends.
  3. Otherwise, the "Fetch" is built and executed.
  4. The Fetch object is defined in, and:
    • asserts that the user has valid CDS login info
    • gathers the request parameters
    • splits up the request over variables, years (and optionally months).
    • sends the requests to a thread Pool
  5. The requests are made to the CDS using the (Python) CDS API.

Updating the variable reference

Occasionally changes are made to the ERA5 output.

An overview of the different ERA5 variables is available here. No changelog for name changes or additions/removals exists.

The reference file ( contains the names of all available variables and pressure levels.