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Getting started


For installation, multiple options are available depending on your setup:

To install era5cli from PyPI, use the following command:

pip install era5cli

era5cli has been packaged for conda-forge. It can be installed from there with:

conda install era5cli -c conda-forge

The development version is available via GitHub. To install directly from GitHub, the following command can be used:

pip install -U  git+

Source PyPI (pip) conda-forge Github

Copernicus CDS credentials

To be able to use era5cli, you need to be registered at the Copernicus Climate Data Service (CDS).

After activating your account, login on the CDS website, go to your profile page (top right on the website), and view your API keys at the bottom of the page.

To configure era5cli to use these keys, open up the environment you installed era5cli in, and do:

era5cli config --uid ID_NUMBER --key "KEY"

Where ID_NUMBER is your user ID (e.g. 123456) and "KEY" is your API key, inside double quotes (e.g. "4s215sgs-2dfa-6h34-62h2-1615ad163414").

After running this command your ID and key are validated and stored inside your home folder, under .config/era5cli/cds_key.txt.


If you already have a .cdsapirc file for the CDS api (or older version of era5cli), you will be asked if you want to copy these keys upon making an era5cli request.

Your first request

Now you should be able to make a request for data from the CDS. For example:

era5cli monthly --variables soil_type --startyear 2000 --months 01

Which will download the monthly mean soil_type data, for January 2000.

Note: this file is ~2 MB