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CLI usage

If at any point you are in doubt about era5cli commands, you can use --help to get more information.

For example, era5cli hourly --help, will show you all information about hourly-data requests.

All different positional arguments are show below. If you want more information on the hourly and monthly requests, look at the argument overview. For more information on the info command, and all variables, see the variable overview.

Available positional arguments:

$ era5cli --help

positional arguments:
                        Execute the data fetch process for hourly data.
                        Use 'era5cli hourly --help' for more information

                        Execute the data fetch process for monthly data.
                        Use 'era5cli monthly --help' for more information

                        Show information on available variables or levels.
                        Use 'era5cli info --help' for more information

                        Configure the CDS login info for era5cli.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit